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How To Write a Goodbye Letter To Alcohol or Drugs AINYFAlcohol is NOT Your Friend

Dear Drugs and Alcohol…we had some good times together, but it’s time I move on. We did have some good times together; a lot of good times together, in fact. I related to that, especially the fun part. Because I had a lot of fun with goodbye alcohol letter drugs and alcohol for a long time. In high school and college, it was all fun. Sure, there were the blackouts where I couldn’t remember what I had done the night before, and the arguments with my girlfriend about my drinking.

  • Also you brought me grief and shattered relationships.
  • Start writing a letter yourself, and you might be surprised just how much it helps you.
  • Because I loved everything they made me feel.
  • Write your letter and sign off as you would when writing a regular letter.
  • Whatever the case, the patient discovers this through writing the goodbye letter.

The message has always been that drugs are bad. The same sources say alcohol is bad only when consumed in excess. The government once thought illegal drugs had no medical use.

Dear Addiction,

And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older. We may receive advertising fees if you follow links to the BetterHelp site. You told me everything would be just fine if I would let you control my life. All you ever did was take and take, but you never gave. Actually, I take that back – you did give.

  • “They tell me I needed to write a letter.
  • In your goodbye letter to drugs, describing the effects abuse has had on your life can motivate change.
  • They told me it was an important step in my sobriety.
  • You told me everything would be just fine if I would let you control my life.

This letter gives an honest look at your struggle with alcohol from your point of view. The letter may relay humor and the lighter side of drinking before alcoholism took ahold. Many people enjoyed drinking in the beginning. So, it helps to talk about the fun before the addiction took hold of life. Bad decisions are far and few and if I do happen to make one it’s comforting to know you had nothing to do with it. As a result, I no longer experience anxiety nor am I riddled with panic, disgrace or the feelings of emptiness you always left me with.

A goodbye letter to Alcohol

Did you notice towards the end, how much we cried together. All those sad midnights looking in the mirror. We had become such closet companions towards the end. I seemed to need you for damn near everything. I’m gonna really miss our steak dinners together. I’ll never forget our days on the lake…at the reservoir.

  • Make this goodbye letter to addiction your last one.
  • Drug dealers often lace their products with even more dangerous drugs like fentanyl.
  • I do re-read it from time to time, but this is just something that has helped me along my own personal path.
  • I am now not only saying goodbye, but stay the fuck away from me and my family.
  • I recall the first time you entered my life.
  • In your addiction break-up letter, you can discuss these as well as your goals for the future now that you are sober.

I’m gonna really miss you when I fire up the grill. I mean let’s be serious, water on the rocks ain’t the same. I’m not gonna say good-bye without a thank you.