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160 Essential Ice Breaker Questions for Your Team

Mingle with your colleagues while trying to guess which celebrity’s name is written on your forehead. Boost employee public speaking skills with this classic communication game. The atmosphere at the start of most meetings, put simply, isn’t great. We can easily get distracted when there’s a lot going on at work. Silence can be nice  — but is rarely possible and not always what we need. Whether you are working from home or at the office, headphones with the right type of music can be lifesavers.

This is one of those icebreaker games that are great conversation starters. This one is a great team-building activity that works great for small teams. Simply grab or create a personality quiz and hand it to your team members.

How to run effective virtual ice breaker sessions?

Encourage participants to share a different show if their most recent has already been shared—maybe one of their favorite or unique or questionable binges. Create 4-5 digital Bingo cards with one fact in each square. (Here’s a downloadable virtual Bingo card template you can modify.) Give everyone a card, and tell them to find people who match the facts on the card. The first person to get five squares in a row and shout Bingo wins.

good icebreakers for virtual meetings

Get your employees together virtually to select which popular beat they want to use. The idea is that what they share is unique to them and let’s their team get a glimpse into their personal life. And sometimes, a bad movie is just so bad that it’s actually fun to watch. To get started, ask your employees to contribute pictures that exemplify your company culture and values. Select the day your treasure hunt will start and talk it up. To do this, start by creating a list of “tokens” or “icons” for your employees to find.

Virtual Game ideas

Get around that problem by asking people to discuss their favorite family meal from any holiday. Food makes memories in every culture, so everyone will probably have an answer they’ll look forward to sharing. There are many free websites for workplace Family Feud competitions. Consider how many people will be in your meeting to make teams on sites like Arkadium and The Washington Post. Split everyone into teams by department or role to help them sharpen their conversational skills while having fun. Flip the typical conversation on its head by asking everyone to name a song they always skip if it comes on the radio.

Some of the best ideas at work are generated when casually chatting with colleagues in the break-room. The virtual water cooler is a great substitute for the physical version. Take a synchronized virtual coffee break with your colleague and try the virtual scavenger hunt. Two or three individuals can aws icebreaker also play against each other simultaneously. Help your remote group become a dynamic team by starting with these questions and they will surely inspire many more in the future. One thing that can make for a good icebreaker is building strategies for working together in an open and informal way.

2 The JAM Storytime

They see them as distractions from the actual work they’re doing or fear they’ll be lectured to and then released without making any real progress. Team leaders can help alleviate these fears by hosting meetings that are engaging, collaborative, purposeful, and even fun. They’re unnecessary, too long, or downright dull—and that’s a fair criticism. However, don’t forget to keep this part of the meeting short — not longer than 5 minutes. You should start with easy, casual questions, and then go to the “heavy”, awkward ones, if the overall atmosphere allows it. It’s the quickest way to virtually bond with your colleagues.

  • Whatever the format, the goal is always to help your team be present in the meeting and begin making connections.
  • Photo contests are a fun way to break up the day to day work and support team building virtually.
  • This one’s as much fun through a video chat as much as it is in real life.
  • These games are fun and facilitate the collaboration that your team needs to work well together and stay productive.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that this game works for those who have met a few times, you can imagine it’ll be a dud for people meeting for the first time.
  • Some people may not have grown up with board games, so ask if they played any video games instead.
  • Everyone loves quizzes and so a little brain teaser at the beginning of your meeting will perk your colleagues up.
  • You could also tie this to an existing superhero, or even a feature film (since most of them seem to be about superheroes these days).

Playing an online version of Scattergories with remote team members is easy. Find a free website with the numbered die and category list. Everyone can record their answers through the site to play lightning rounds that get everyone talking.

The Desert Island is great for offering a framework for conversation with no single correct answer and which allows creative, individual responses. Virtual icebreakers can be particularly helpful for new team members who may feel isolated or disconnected in a virtual setting. Here are a few virtual icebreaker ideas that are ideal for welcoming new team members into the fold and to supplement your onboarding efforts.

  • Just having more meetings isn’t the answer (in fact, it can even make the problem worse).
  • To host your own virtual show and tell, invite your employees to a Zoom meeting and ask them to bring something (or someone) to share with their co-workers.
  • This is a simple tool you can easily implement into your Zoom calls.

It might not seem like it at first, but what your team can see in the background has a very real effect on their attention span, their engagement, and their enjoyment. With a partner, find the 3 most unlikely / unusual / unique things you have in common with each other. Light, energising exercise that helps the group to observe the other people on the call. Start by getting the whole team on camera and ask everyone to observe other team members closely.

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good icebreakers for virtual meetings